Experts are calling orange, or tangerine tango, this season’s hottest color.


People can be afraid of bold colors, especially orange. But it doesn’t have to be scary.
A safe, noncommittal way to use such a bold color is to add a few accents. A throw here, a vase there.


Small pops of color can add a lot. Ordinary objects can be spray painted a bright hue. And if you ever get tired of it, waa-laa! Just paint that sucker another color. Hue got it!

“Orange you glad cats can not be spray painted?” That’s Julius, pretending to be a statue.

The frame (above & below) was a pretty white/gold, very shabby chic, from my years of single-dom decorating. Very girly. The husband HATED it. & it really didn’t go. But I couldn’t part with it! I took a chance with some glossy orange spray paint & was more than tickled with the results. It’s also now husband approved! Here’s a less blurry shot:

Notice my recipe cards are art postcards, but more on that later. Because it takes a little art in the kitchen to get this girl cookin’!