Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas. But I think Spring is the most wonderful time of the year. I will gladly bear the waves of yellow pollen to step outside and enjoy the beauty of nature. Even if that breath of fresh air is going to make me sneeze later. Right now I have some hybrid tea roses that are really showing off. Few things make me happier than bringing fresh cut flowers in the house.

I used to avoid cutting flowers from the garden. Rookie mistake.
Short stemmed beauties, such as these tea roses, can be enjoyed inside as well. Mini bud vases allow them to stand out.


These mini bud vases from cb2 are perfect for small blooms & won’t break the bank. Making a small arrangement like this is easy.

Or put a single flower in each vase. You can group them together for more drama.

I had to move these off of my counter top, someone sneaky was giving them the eye…
Happy Spring!