I like to paint. But I just don’t get to do it enough. When I try, this is the kind of stuff that happens:


Also, I’m very detail oriented. Kind of a perfectionist. I’ve heard that we all have OCD tendencies about at least one thing. Actually, I have a few of those tendencies…but painting might be number 1.
When I start painting, I get lost in it. Next thing I know, 4 hours have passed, and I’ve forgotten to eat lunch. I might not even realize that I’ve been drinking the paint water & my beverage is over there untouched…

Ok, that never happened. Except that one time. Don’t drink milk when doing a white wash, you’re asking for trouble.

Last year I decided that I needed to do an Andy Warhol style series featuring my cat, Julius. But I got wrapped up in the details (go figure) & decided to just do one painting of my furball.

After I finished it, I took it to have it framed. When I brought it back home, I unwrapped it & leaned it against the wall to show the hubs. But someone else had to have a look too.
Just look at that face. He was very moved.


So moved that he decided not to move.


I finally bribed him with some treats.

Now we have a Bengal kitten, Bianca also. She’s still looking for her picture on the wall…