Last summer, I took my first trip to Washington DC. It was one of my top 10 of best weekends ever. So much to see! The White House, The National Gallery of Art, and more importantly… Britney Spears at the Verizon Center.

Don’t judge me. I’m a Slave….

But back to the art museum. I could have stayed for hours.

I was excited about Monet

I’m one of those geeks that HAS to have a souvenir when I go magical places such as this (probably why I also own 3 Britney Spears t-shirts, but that’s beside the point).  I picked out a couple books of art postcards, even after I was assured by Husband that no one sends post cards anymore.

It is during times like this, that he gets “the look.”

Sometimes I have a vision, and sometimes it is not easily explained. Especially to someone who’s brain has already checked out. He’d had that glazed look in his eye since the Georgia O’Keefe’s.  We needed to get this man a beer, pronto.  And preferably somewhere that has some kind of sports on a tv nearby.  So without a word, I scurried through the check out line and that’s what we did.

Just what did I do with my souvenirs?
I sent everyone I know a post card.  Just kidding!

I jotted down a few recipes on the back of my art post cards:

So now you can saute with Monet, and have a ball with Warhol. And also…Picasso.
Ok, enough rhyming.

Where’s the beef? Not sure but the recipe is on the back of this card:


My favorite marinade is on this one:


And they are cute when displayed in your kitchen:


Going to a dinner party? Bring your favorite dish & jot the recipe down for the hostess.
A box full of these is a heartfelt gift, or a unique way to pass down family recipes.
You can also load these in your printer to have the recipes typed onto them, if you have horrible handwriting. Or just really need spell check 😉

Yippee skippy for useful souvenirs that won’t collect dust! And I didn’t have to throw elbows with some high school brat trying to cut in line & get the last size small t-shirt. Well, not at the art museum anyway.

If they gave out medals that weekend for patient spouses, I think my husband would have gotten the gold, silver, & bronze.
Last week I mentioned that Madonna is on tour. This time, I got the look.