I just love apothecary jars.

The shiny glass, unique shapes… they are pretty enough even when empty.  When decorating with these, opportunities are endless!


I filled this jar with....Ok, I have no idea what you call these things. Vine balls maybe? Anyway, now I call them pretty. I think that's just vine and dandy.


Same jar, same vine ball things. In honor of spring time, I added a few moss rocks (that I found at Michael's) to add some lush, green color. These are both natural elements, so they work well together.

Here’s more of that lush green:

Natural elements look great when grouped in jars of varying heights.

Apothecary jars turn wine corks from trash to treasure. Like I needed an excuse to drink more wine....

Many people have decorative (real or fake) fruit bowls on their tables. Ever helped yourself to a delicious looking apple, only to bite into plastic?! It’s no fun. Here’s the solution:

Plastic fruit is less likely to get chomped on if in one of these jars. A unique alternative to decorative fruit bowls. Also great for real fruit, too.

These jars are commonly used to display seashells. And I can't think of a better way to do such a thing. But we can't all live at the beach, right? But if you do, I highly suggest doing something like this.

So you’re not a beach dweller and the coastal theme just doesn’t work in your home?  You have plenty of other options.  Just throw some random objects in a pretty jar.  You’d be surprised what works.

This is cute and unexpected:

Spools of thread look sew nice!

Buttons, old door knobs, old jewelry, rocks, sand, candles, potpourri, old silverware, you name it, I bet it works.  You’d be surprised.  Design is all about surrounding yourself with what you love.  These jars help you do just that in an organized fashion.  Unless you prefer to pile your old buttons on the floor (please don’t do that).

Bring nature indoors with a terrarium, or two, or six:

How sweet does this candy buffet look? Almost too good to eat! Nah…

Not only decorative, these jars can be used in various rooms of the house, combining function with beauty.

Can a laundry room get any better than this? This one is Martha Stewart’s, of course. Laundry detergent and clothes pins are stored in shapely jars. Another plus: you can tell exactly when you are running out of detergent. No more “Surprise! Just enough left for one more load.” I hate when that happens.

I’d say these kitchen arrangements are pretty tasteful:

Also useful in the bathroom:


Cotton swabs are neatly displayed in my guest bathroom.

Soaps, loofahs, bath salts look so elegant

Sea Glass inspired soap cubes. You can make these using a kit and an ice cube tray.

Apothecary jars are especially fun to decorate with on holidays.

This all started on Easter with these hand painted speckled eggs and moss. You can buy speckled eggs for a pretty penny. I paid about a dollar for these and painted them myself. A toothpick works wonders when adding the speckles.


Shrunken heads and glittered skulls on Halloween:

Glittered skulls. I'm a firm believer that if you put glitter on it, it's not scary. With the exception clown makeup. A glittery clown might be even scarier.

Christmas Ornaments:

Here's a more traditional red and green palette. Thought it matched nicely with my Jamaican cat sculpture's toboggin. Cool, mon.

I can't resist pastels, even at Christmas.

Silver and gold ornaments really shine in these jars

Christmas ornaments aren't just for trees

Red and green... that's what Christmas is all about, Charlie Brown.

Versatile little things, aren’t they?  So, what’s in your jars?