I have been really excited lately.  And this is why:

Hi Hydrangeas!

My hydrangeas are blooming! And they are so bloomin’ pretty, I can hardly contain myself.

I read in BHG magazine that studies have shown that flowers actually elevate a woman’s mood.  Well, duh!  Of course they do!!  This is no scientific breakthrough.

Flowers? For me? Oh, you shouldn’t have. (I really picked these for myself)

The blooms explode into pink fluffy pom poms, making hydrangeas the “cheerleaders” of the plant world.  They have definitely brought me lots of cheer.

I got a little flower happy and put these all over the house.

Three years ago we moved into our townhouse. Here’s what it looked like before I started digging in the dirt:

I know. Depressing.  This was in the dead of winter, and I was too excited about moving in to care.  Isn’t that tree pathetic? Looks like it’s had one too many cocktails if you ask me. It finally bit the dust, and that’s when the fun began.
Two hydrangeas & two callas later, this is how it looked. Oh yeah, we got a new tree too.



Two years later, now look how much they’ve grown:

Pow!  Explosion!  They are so big, you can hardly see our little tree, but it’s back there.

And many of you know, the color comes from the ph in the soil.  I have heard it is easier to change them from pink to blue than from blue to pink.

But I really can’t offer any advice, because 1) I’m no good at chemistry.  2) I have no experience with it.  Because I happen to like the pink pom poms just the way they are 🙂


Hydrangeas make wonderful cut flowers.   See, I told you I put them all over the house.  They practically arrange themselves in vases:

Just two stems in one vase. No arranging necessary.

And they have a pretty long vase life.  Here’s the same arrangement one week later.  Barely noticeable wilt:

And two weeks later:

“A little wilt but they smell nice” (they actually are not fragrant flowers)

These probably wouldn’t have wilted as much, but the water level in the vase got too low.  They get very thirsty!  Keep an eye on the water level in your vase. I’m always amazed how much water they drink in a days time (probably why they are called hydrangeas, you have to keep them hydrated).  Changing the water every couple days will extend your vase life.  Another tip is cutting the stem at an angle. This creates a bigger surface area so the hydrangeas can drink up as much water as possible.  Penny for your thoughts? Nah, but a penny for your flowers works wonders. Drop one in the vase. This will keep them fresh as well.

This is random but just sticks in my mind.

“I absolutely loathe hydrangeas,” mumbled Madonna after a fan presented her with a lovely bouquet.  Apparently, she didn’t realize she was still in microphone range because everyone heard it.  She later issued an apology to hydrangeas, and hydrangea lovers everywhere (but not to the fan who gave them to her).

the material girl likes roses

Apology accepted, Madge.  But I think you need like, a prayer or something.  How could anyone loathe hydrangeas!?  I absolutely loathe your latest song and think the cheerleaders in the video could use some big fluffy pink pom poms!   Still, I can’t hate her.

Maybe the fan should have given her the pink ones.